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October 30, 2014
Grant Kief

Nick Cacciabando and Patrick Byrne Sell Oklahoma Portfolio


Patrick Byrne and Nick Cacciabando have sold two seniors housing campuses in Tulsa and Bristow, OK, for a local family. The Tulsa campus comprised of a 116 unit senior independent living facility, a 90 unit assisted living and residential care facility and a 117 bed skilled nursing facility. The Bristow campus comprised of a 106 bed skilled nursing facility and a 16 unit assisted living facility. The Seller was a local family that had been in the business for 50 years. They were the original owners/developers of these communities. These were their only LTC/Seniors Housing assets. The Buyer is a regional owner/operator with an existing presence in Oklahoma. For additional information on this transaction or how Nick or Pat can assist you with the sale of your family owned/operated seniors housing community, please call 314/961-0070 or contact Nick at or Pat at

October 28, 2014

Different types of buyers in the Senior Housing Market

There are many types of buyers in the senior housing market and sometimes it can get confusing for sellers to know who they are really dealing with.  While it is great to get a high-price offer for your community, if the buyer doesn’t have the ability to close, it is doesn’t matter how good the offer is.
There are four main types of buyers:
1.       Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) – REITs are publicly or privately traded real estate companies that typically have ample cash available to acquire properties.  Most of the time REITs buy a community and at closing, sign a long term NNN lease with a local or regional operator to operate the community.  REITs typically buy with cash. 
2.       Private Equity Companies – They come in all different sizes from multi-billion dollar companies like the Carlyle Group to much smaller companies.  Private Equity companies typically buy properties and use a management company to operate them.   Private Equity companies typically buy with cash or with a large line of credit.
3.       Local and Regional Operators – Local and Regional operators may own/lease 5-50+ communities.  They may use a REIT or Private Equity company as a partner or may buy a community on their own.  If they are buying a community on their own, they typically use bank debt and raise equity internally with high net worth individuals, and through friends and family.
4.       “Mom and Pop” Operators – They typically own from 0-5 properties.  Most REITs and Private Equity companies will not partner with Mom and Pop operators because they are too small and the communities they operate are not large enough.  They typically buy with personal equity or friends and family’s equity, and bank debt.
As a seller, it is important to understand what type of buyer is making an offer to buy your community and how they plan to financing the purchase.  Far too many buyers try to put communities under contract to buy, and THEN try to find the equity and debt.   This often times lead to delays in closing, cancelling the offer to purchase, or retrading at a lower price.
At Senior Living Investment Brokerage, Inc. we have relationships with over 1,700 of different types of buyers and can help you understand what type of buyer is making an offer, their track record in closing deals and how they plan to finance it.

For more information on selling your community, contact Jason Punzel at 630-858-2501 x 233 or
October 27, 2014
Grant Kief

Tom Rusthoven and Jeff Binder Sell Michigan Assisted Living Community


Jeff Binder and Tom Rusthoven recently sold an assisted living facility in Eastern Michigan. The facility was less than 50 units. Due to the confidential manner of the sale, additional information cannot be released. For additional information on how Senior Living Investment Brokerage, Inc. can assist you or your company in a confidential sale, please contact Tom at or Jeff at

October 21, 2014
Grant Kief

Ryan Saul and Jeff Binder Sell Two Skilled Nursing Facilities


Jeff Binder and Ryan Saul of Senior Living Investment Brokerage, Inc. were selected to represent a REIT in the sale of two skilled nursing facilities in Wisconsin. Located approximately 5 miles from each other in the northeast region of the state, the two facilities offer a combined total of 155 beds. At the time of the sale, the combined occupancy had been stable at 70.5%. Built in 1965 and 1969, the operations had a negative EBITDA of over $300,000. The Seller is a national REIT divesting non-performing assets. The Buyer is a national long-term care operator expanding their presence in Wisconsin. For additional information, please contact Jeff Binder at 314/961-0070 or Ryan Saul at 630/858-2501.

October 20, 2014
Grant Kief

Toby Siefert and Patrick Burke Sell Virginia Assisted Living Community


Patrick Burke and Toby Siefert represented the Seller of a 48 unit Assisted Living Community I Virginia located about 20 miles outside of Richmond. The Seller had struggled with occupancy and profitability for several years. The Buyer is a joint venture including a national operator and a private equity group. The new ownership group plans to invest upwards of $1,000,000 renovating the facility and converting it to all memory care. For additional information, contact Toby or Patrick at 630/858-2501.

October 15, 2014
Grant Kief

Tom Rusthoven and Jeff Binder Represent Seller of ILF


Jeff Binder and Tom Rusthoven represented the Seller of an Independent Living Facility located in the Southwest. The selling entity was a non-profit owner/operator and the Buyer was a regional owner/operator. Although confidentiality was a priority for the Seller, Senior Living was able to procure multiple, qualified offers. Due to the confidential nature of the sale, the entities involved requested Senior Living Investment Brokerage not disclose any additional information. To discuss how we can assist you in the sale of your seniors housing property, please contact us at

October 13, 2014
Grant Kief

Brad Clousing and Jeff Binder Sell Alabama 116 Unit Seniors Housing Community


Jeff Binder and Brad Clousing recently sold a seniors housing community in Alabama that consisted 68 independent living units, 32 assisted Living units and 16 memory care (SCALF) units for $20,000,000. The 129,000 square foot building was constructed in 2000/2002. The community’s financial performance has been stable over the past 12 months and the census has remained steady at 95% or better. The community is located on approximately 20 acres and offers the new owner the opportunity to expand. The Buyer, an institutional owner/operator, assumed the existing FNMA insured debt(70% LTV/6.47% interest rate). The Buyer elected to assume the debt given the approximate prepayment/yield maintenance penalty of $2.75 million. The loan matures June 2018. The Seller is a local partnership exiting the seniors housing industry. The Buyer is a national operator expanding their footprint within Alabama. For additional information contact Brad Clousing at or Jeff Binder at