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November 30, 2012

Know the Lingo


If you are new to the industry, it won’t be long before you have a conversation that includes an unfamiliar acronym or abbreviation.  “Why does everybody keep saying Sniff?” (skilled nursing facility).  Here are some common acronyms that will help strengthen your vocabulary: 
GSEs: Government Sponsored Enterprises (such as Fannie Maeand Freddie Mac).   Established with the purpose of improving the efficiency of capital markets.
TPA: Transfer of Physical Assets- In reference to the application used for a property sales transaction involving the assumption of a HUD-insured loan.
ACOs: Accountable Care Organizations.  Providers such as hospital systems or physician groups take on responsibility for groups of patients.  Medicare and participating insurers will generally offer financial rewards for ACOs that save money and meet quality goals for these patients.
RUGs: Resource Utilization Groups. Nursing homes have a daily base rate of reimbursement that is adjusted based on the grouping of nursing or therapy service for each patient.
CHOW: Change of Ownership.  When you buy a facility, you will need to go through the CHOW process to get the approval of the State licensing department.  This process can vary from 30-365+ days depending on the state.
For other questions surrounding the sale of nursing homes or sale of assisted living facilities, please contact Toby Siefert at  or 630-858-2501 ext. 235
November 29, 2012
Grant Kief

Matt Alley Closes Another Texas Transaction


Matthew Alley has sold a 120 bed skilled nursing facility in Texas.  The Seller was a local owner/operator.  Matt was able to utilize the Senior Living Investment Brokerage, Inc. database/network to procure numerous offers on the facility.  The Buyer is from the East Coast and this is their first facility in Texas.  Due to the confidential nature of this offering, additional information is not available publicly.  For additional information on this transaction, please contact Matt Alley at 630/858-2501 or

November 13, 2012
Grant Kief

Nick Cacciabando and JeffBinder Handle Oklahoma Transaction


Jeff Binder and Nick Cacciabando represented the Seller of a 60 bed skilled nursing facility in Marshall County, Oklahoma.  The facility, which was built in 1976, was owned and operated by a local family and has a great reputation in the southern Oklahoma community.   The Buyer is a regional owner/operator expanding their operations in Oklahoma.  They plan to improve on a number of operational inefficiencies.  Although the facility was only operating at 60% census, it was profitable and sold at a 15.1% capitalization rate.  For additional information, please contact Nick or Jeff at 314/961-0070.