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August 12, 2011
Grant Kief

Brad Clousing Closes on Another Florida Assisted Living Sale


Brad Clousing has sold a 120 Unit Assisted Living Facility for a UK based owner/operator. This was the only Seniors Housing property they owned and were looking to exit the market in the United States. The facility consisted of 114 studio units and 6 one bedroom units. The facility, built in 2008, boasted over 63,000 square feet and has been very well maintained. The census at the time of sale was 69% The Buyer looks to improve census and rates-the current resident mix is primarily private pay. The Buyer is a regional owner/operator who completed the transaction with bank financing through a regional lender. Brad was able to exceed the Seller’s expectations with a well implemnted marketing plan. For additional information, please contact BradClousing at 630/858-2501 or

August 2, 2011

The Sky is Falling? Is it?


The stock market has 8 consecutive losing sessions. Could that continue? Sure.
Consumer spending is down.
CMS cut Medicare 11.1%.

All concerning, but just hold on for the ride. We all know what the Government giveth, the Government taketh away. It is only a matter of time before things swing to the positive. Deals are still closing and this is a great opportunity to look for opportunities to buy. When there is fear and concern in the market, it often means opportunity to purchase opportunistic deals.

With the market constantly changing, it is a good idea to have me put together a confidential proposal to determine the current market value for your facility. If you are sick of the constant ups and downs with this business and are considering selling your skilled nursing, assisted living or independent living facility, please contact Ryan Saul at or 630-858-2501.