May 18, 2016
Ryan Saul

Nursing Home Sales lead to poor quality – I think not


I ran across this article that attempted to draw the conclusion that nursing home sales are bad for the industry and results in poor quality. I think not.

Repeated nursing home sales linked to poor quality

nursing home sales

We often sell nursing homes that are in trouble and need a new owner. The residents need a nursing home to sell and a new owner. There are many more success stories of nursing homes that sell resulting in better care moving forward. There are a lot of holes in this article and I am confident that the previous history, prior to a sale, is being captured in the results. Also, it takes time to turn a property around and change the culture from providing questionable care to improving quality and the reputation. If you have a troubled nursing home it just might be time to sell. If you specialize in providing quality care, you might be the ideal candidate to buy a nursing home and turn it around. Contact Ryan Saul from Senior Living Investment Brokerage, Inc. for more information.