When It’s Time To Sell A┬áSeniors Housing or
Long-Term Care Community, The Premier Seller
Need Is Confidentiality.

Preserving confidentiality reduces the risk of jeopardizing an assisted living or long-term care community reputations with residents, staff, and the community. Properly exposing and promoting a property to a broad range of potential buyers is a complex issue for the brokerage community. Doing so in a manner that facilitates and insures confidentiality during the marketing process is of critical importance for protecting the relationship with employees and residents of the facility.

At Senior Living Investment Brokerage, Our Solution Is Simple and Effective.

Our experienced professionals will handle any and all dissemination of information. No specific information is included in the initial promotion that would identify the property. For truly interested buyers, detailed information is released only after we have qualified them and a Confidentiality Agreement is executed.

Seniors Housing communities are shown only by pre-arranged appointments and only after a Confidentiality Agreement is executed. Prior to visiting any community, a potential buyer is “coached” on the importance of confidentiality within the community and is requested to save all questions for an appropriate time and place away from the facility.

This satisfies the need for the buyer to be properly informed to facilitate an “educated” negotiation, while insuring the confidential nature of the discussions. Since the pool of potential buyers is finite and Senior Living Investment Brokerage has identified all the active buyers and continues to track buyers coming in and out of the market, our firm has the inherent advantage over large organizations in preserving confidentiality.


“Senior Living did an excellent job of sourcing many potential buyers in the context of our request for them to be extremely confidential. I believe the successful sale was in large part due to their contacts in and knowledge of the long-term care industry, their organizational skills and their active participation during the sale process.”
Cheryl Matejka
Vice President, Finance
BJC Healthcare, North Region