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March 28, 2011

M & A Frenzy


We can’t keep inventory on our books. There is very little product available to purchase and a flurry of blockbuster deals announced monthly.

What is driving the surge in M & A activity?

1) Low interest rates
2) Sellers taking advantage of current capital gains tax rates
3) Real Estate is a prudent hedge against inflation
4) Large companies need to make more acquisitions to gain market share
5) Seniors Housing REIT stocks outperforming the market and are high yield

What’s next? What are your predictions?

If you have thought about selling, please contact me for a confidential proposal to determine value in this ever-changing market.

Ryan Saul
Managing Director
Email: Ryan Saul

March 23, 2011
Grant Kief

Toby Siefert Joins Senior Living Investment Brokerage


Toby Siefert has joined Senior Living Investment Brokerage and will focus on the Northeastern region. Prior to joining Senior Living, Toby began his career at a custom home building company and worked his way up to part-owner/vice preseident, managing the acquisition, development, and sale of various residential and commercial projects. Toby has also spent two years in real estate sales and commercial property management. He earned his BA in Business Administration with honors from Taylor University in Indiana. Please welcome Toby and he can be reached at 630/858-2501 or

March 21, 2011

What is my property worth?


A question clients often ask me.

Whether you are thinking about selling, estate planning, trying to determine current value or comparing your value to other buying opportunities in the market, it is prudent to figure out what your property is worth.

Cheap and available capital has changed the market. Also, there continues to be a shortage of quality opportunities available. The market has changed once again.

Allow me to prepare a confidential proposal to determine current market value of your skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility or portfolio. Please contact Ryan Saul at 630-858-2501 or Email me at (Ryan Saul).

March 21, 2011
Grant Kief

South Carolina SNF sold by Ryan Saul and Brad Clousing


Brad Clousing and Ryan Saul sold a 96 Bed Skilled Nursing Facility in South Carolina. The 39,000 square foot facility was sold by a regional operator based in Georgia. The owner elected to divest the facility to focus on their other facilities. This was their last facility in South Carolina.
With stable cash flow and a limited nmber of skilled nursing facilities that become available on the market in South Carolina, SLIB was able to procure multiple offers. The Buyer, headquartered in the Southeast, owns a portfolio in the Carolinas and will be working with a local operator. The facility sold for a 10.8% capitalization rate. For additional information please contact Ryan or Brad at 630/858-2501.

March 10, 2011
Grant Kief

Jeff Binder Handles Illinois SNF Sale


Jeff Binder has sold a 97 Bed Skilled Nursing Facility in Illinois. The facility was built in 1989 and is located approximately 55 miles northwest of Chicago. The Seller was a national operator/joint venture partnership and the Buyer is a regional provider of long-term care services based in the Chicago MSA. At the time of the sale, census was 75% with relatively high cost centers compared to other Chicago MSA (high quality mix) facilities. The sales price was $6,500,000 ($67,010/bed). For additional information, please contact Jeff Binder at 314/961-0070 or

March 3, 2011
Grant Kief

Ryan Saul and Brad Clousing Announce Utah CCRC Sale


Brad Clousing and Ryan Saul recently sold a 327 Unit/Bed CCRC in Salt Lake City. The Seller is a not-for-profit health care system headquartered outside Utah. This was their only asset in Utah. The Buyer is a national owner/operator out of California. Brad and Ryan were able to procure 10 offers on the facility. Due to confidentiality, please contact Ryan or Brad at 630/858-2501 for additional information.

March 2, 2011

BILLIONS – Yes, Billions of dollars flooding into Seniors Housing market


Hold on to your seats. In just the last six months, the Health care REITs (Ventas, NHP, Health Care REIT, HCP) announced over $20,000,000,000 in Seniors Housing investments. Count the zeros. This does not include investments made from the established private REITs and private equity groups. Again, hold on. From those we talk to in the industry, they want more and are looking for additional opportunities.

What does this mean for you? There is great demand for your facility or portfolio. If you have thought about selling, now is an ideal time to have us prepare a proposal to determine market value. We can access not only the public REITs, but also the private REITs and generate competition to maximize your investment objectives.

Please contact Ryan Saul by clicking the link or call 630-858-2501.